Current Pricing Schedule

Non Daufuskie Transportation

This work is unique both as to location of destination and nature of cargo needs of the customer. We would typically visit the destination to confirm access, tides, etc. Accordingly this work is priced by each undertaking.

Daufuskie Transportation

Transportation costs are based on the square feet required by the cargo. The current rate is $3.75 per square foot  and $60 per pallet.

Other charges are as follows:

Bulk Cargo (sand, gravel, stone for rip wrap or jetty work)  $14.00 /ton

Storage Charge (no charge up to four days)  Over four days by arrangement   

Cancellation Fee (applies if canceled with less than 48 hours)   $75.00

Stand By Time (if barge and tug have to stay more than three hours at Daufuskie barge site – hourly rate    $975.00

In the pricing area we use our equipment to try to lower the billing to our customers. Accordingly, you should not make a final decision on the $3.20 rate as your cost might be significantly lower.  You should call us if you have any questions.  


The following is a partial list of the support equipment used in the barging operations and certain aspects of the operation that are very “customer friendly”

A large staging area (fenced in and lighted)
Multiple forklifts
A forklift travels with each trip for use at destination
Multiple tractors (full size)
Multiple trailers (full size)
Flatbed farm trailers (full size)
A special tractor that can lift entire trailer hydraulically from just behind the cab.
Specially constructed barge with walls to haul bulk material and water tight compartments for safety and a double decker floor to carry excess weight.

A few examples of how the above can assist our customer: 

Food for horses can be off loaded from vendor in the staging area in Savannah and be placed in one of our enclosed trailers which will protect the food from the weather and more than likely be half the footprint of the delivery vehicle.  Additionally the delivery vehicle (and driver) do not now have to be tied up going on the barge to deliver the food.

Frequently we transfer lumber from delivery truck to one of our trailers with our forklift equipment and then the lumber company’s driver and tractor and trailer can be on their way.  In this case our customer avoids paying for the full cost for the tractor footprint when barge fees are calculated.  Our customer should receive a price break as the lumber company’s equipment are not tied up.

No charge for transportation of our forklift that goes with each trip.

Our staging area provides for not having to coordinate delivery or pickup at time barge departs or returns.

If our customer has something shipped directly to our staging area we inspect the delivery for any obvious damage and note for our customer.  (We do this as a customer service.  However, we do not open the shipment for any internal damage and only take responsibility for any damage we may cause (fully insured)

We frequently deal with sod deliveries and we handle that the same as the previous example with the lumber truck saving our customer excess costs if they had to send the delivery truck and driver to the destination.

Extensive list of specialty vendors should you have a need for their services.  Examples are crane company, moving van organizations, heavy equipment companies (front end loaders, back hoe, etc.

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The large cargo ramp is useful for loading John Deere tractors,   
luxury modular homes, cement trucks and  LPG Trucks.
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