Schedule --- Daufuskie

Except for holidays barge runs are Tuesday and Thursday. In a slow period, the schedule may be cut to one trip due to the size capacity of the barge.

Customers are requested to call the office as we frequently schedule extra runs when there is a operational need.

We have run as many as ten days in a row if a large project is underway. We have also made double trips per day when necessary.

Shipments (when possible) need to be in the barge staging area by noon the day before departure date. In an emergency it can arrive in the afternoon or at 5am the day of departure as long as the timing was precleared with the office.

Bulk cargo is usually scheduled as a separate run and while the barge can carry 900 tons we keep most shipments in the 700 ton range. Bulk material is usually "dumped" directly on the deck from the delivery trucks to avoid double handling. In emergencies it can be staged at our site but from a cost prospective we try to dump directly on the barge deck as if the customer "double handles" the cargo it increases our customers cost.

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Barge departure is usually 6am to arrive at Daufuskie Island at approximately 7:30 – 8:00 am.  Barge stays at Daufuskie Island up to a maximum of three hours.  However, if the shipment were two mobile homes and two customer shipments that were staying on Daufuskie the equipment would return immediately to Savannah.

Weather delays are rare but if Savannah is “fogged in” you may contact our office for updates at your convenience.  Tides change and may also effect travel times but you always can check with the office.

Contractors are expected to meet their shipments and sign for delivery.  As previously mentioned, unless instructed in writing we will not leave your shipment unattended but rather we will return it to Savannah as the staging area on Daufuskie Island is not a protected area. The cargo will have to be rebooked accordingly.
Captain Chuck skillfully maneuvers "Clean Sweep"
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